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Special Jumpsuits

The most famous clothing Elvis shows are called "jumpsuits", the jumpsuits that Elvis used in his performances in the period from 1969 to 1977 The first clothes are evaluated as well simple. Most of these costumes were made at the request of Elvis that had the appearance of clothes karate over the years were taking their clothes more extravagant forms. His most famous jumpsuit is the show's Hawaii January 1973, the "Aloha Eagle". But even before these jumpsuits, Elvis became well known for her extravagant clothing and even historical. All are on display today at Graceland; each of these overalls received a name, among them we can mention; 

Gold Suit or The Gold Lame Suit:

It was used in 1957 for some concerts, the famous "golden clothes" as it became known among the Brazilian fans, became the cover of a 1959 album called Elvis Golden Records Vol.2. 

Gold Lame used in Ottawa,Vancouver, Canada (1957)

Comeback Special

Gold Suit 

Black Leather Suit: 

This is the famous black leather outfit from the 1968 NBC special, he just used that special. 

Aloha Eagle: 

The three Aloha Eagle
The first is from 12/01 Rehearsal, the second 14/01 Aloha show and the third is from 1974

This is one of the most famous, was used in historic concert at Hawaii 1973, however, this was not the only time he used it, also Elvis wore in the other concerts in 1973 and early 1974. 

American Eagle:

 It is sometimes confused with the "Aloha" was a jumpsuit worn by Elvis in some shows in 1974, including shows in Los Angeles, where the band Led Zeppelin was present, this is considered a of the best moments of Presley in the 70s. 


It's one of those where the layout is quite different compared to the others, considered by some as one of the most simple and beautiful, used in 1975. 


This is chosen by most fans as one of the ugliest used by Elvis throughout his career, he used it for a few shows in 1975 and 1976. 

Bicentennial Bicentennial Blue and White: 

They have this name (Bicentennial), due to a tribute to Elvis wanted to pay two hundred years of independence from the USA in 1976. 

Indian Feather:

 According to sources, was a favorite of the king of guitar due to the fact that he used it for a few shows from 1975 to 1977. 

Mexican Sundial And the Last Show CBS Concerts



                          Last Show 26 june 1977 Market Square Arena
                                     Indianopolis, in.

                                        Last Show 26 june 1977 Market Square Arena
                                     Indianopolis, in.


 One of the most famous Elvis jumpsuits, he wore during much of the year 1977, being well recognized due to the fact that he served during the dress shows that they became TV special, Elvis in Concert, also was used in the final concert of Elvis on June 26 of that year. 

                                             28 may 1977 


Historic Suit: 

This is said to be the jumpsuit that Elvis would wear on his tour August 1977, which was never realized, evidently due to his death on August 16, 1977.

This jumpsuit, known as Historic Suit, shown below and then with montages, makes us imagine how Elvis would have been spectacular with it!

Elvis In Orlando, Feb 15 1977                                  

                          Unchained Melody Album Cover

By: Vinicius Kullack

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